Faster than a Tiger!

Hey everyone! Just updating my status : )
remember, click the photos to see a larger version!

As you can see from my collection list, I have 3 species of tarantula in the genus Psalmopoeus.

The three I currently own are called Psalmopoeus irminia, Psalmopoeus cambridgei and Psalmopoeus pulcher.

I had one P. irminia die on my a few weeks ago, of unknown causes. Found it dead and limp unfortunately. So recently I got another P. irminia, and she is quite the cutie! They are from South America, and are a new world species. However, they do not flick hairs, but instead run really fast when they need to! Some people have said they are quite defensive rearing up and stuff, but so far, out of the three species I keep, they are quite shy, and always hungry!

I keep them relatively humid, during the morning and night I will see the glass get condensation on it due to the temperature changes. My room runs from 70 in the night to about 80-85 in the day.

As they are arboreal they like to climb things, but they are just as content burrowing and making giant tub web tunnels that traverses their cork bark.

Anyways, heres some pictures, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Also I am looking for a male for my P. pulcher female, so if you know anyone with a dude, let me know!

Here is the first species I got, the Suntiger (black chevron tarantula) P. irminia
.8″ She’s small right now, but once she gets 5″ in a year or two she will be quite the beast!

Here is the second species I acquired, P. cambridgei. she’s ALWAYS hungry! this was just after a molt so she’s skinny!! 4″

Last but not least is Princess Peaches. This is one species i’ve always wanted since I entered the hobby! it’s so vibrant, and beautiful!
She just finished a molt so she’s still skinny! (fat now but i dont have a camera at the moment!)
So here is P. pulcher!!


Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed! 🙂


The Tarantula Algorithm

So i’ve been deciding, what would be a good introduction for new tarantula people who still kinda think tarantulas are creepy, but still want to know more about them? Well, to start off, you’re pretty awesome if you decided to learn more about them, however, I am not an expert, I am pretty meager in knowledge compared to other people out there. This website is just stating my experiences with my collection, of the stuff I acquired from back in the day, till now. I guess it’s a preview of what you will be getting yourself into if you ever decide to acquire a tarantula. I can assure you, it’s kinda like keeping fish, but you can pick them up if you want, and hold them outside of the aquarium/container, but I do not recommend it. Tarantula can be pretty feisty, and the utmost respect must be given to the tarantula if you should hold one, now or in the future. I’ll write more about handling measures on tarantulas later!

At this point, people usually question, “what! aren’t tarantulas poisonous?!” and here I would answer “venomous” because they inject their poison into you if they ever get ahold of a finger or something if you prod them too much.. (giggle) ops, probably shouldn’t giggle, that isn’t funny. Anyways, yeah tarantulas have venom to digest their prey before they actually begin chowing down on the cricket, however, theres a good side to all this creepy gooeyness! There hasn’t been record of tarantula bite actually killing a person! Most New World(North/South America) tarantula bites are relatively painless aside from the initial discomfort of something relative to a wasp/bee sting (depending on species maybe a wee more or less). However, there are some dangerous and really painful species in the Old World(africa and all them places), this is where the utmost caution is taken with the tarantula, because hey! I ain’t no pain person (no qualms if you are…..)

Lets compare tarantulas and fish…. Would you stick your hand in the aquarium of lets say a lion fish and poke one of their pretty spines?

Lets compare tarantulas and guard dogs…. Would you stick your hand inside a guard dog who is barking at you to get off of someones properties mouth?

Lets compare tarantulas and birds…. Would you stick your hand inside a very mean macaw/cockateils mouth and expect a painless love bite?

Lets compare tarantulas and cats…..I like cats, but they can be bitches, and I am sure anyone knows what a pissed off cat can do.

So peeps, do you get what I mean?

Having proper caution with the situations you deal with is key to successfully staying unharmed.

So why do I keep tarantulas?

Well first of all, they come in all different colors. Like blue, pink, purple, red, green, and who doesn’t want to collect all the colors of the rainbow? (hehe)

Since I was a kid, I was really inerested in the outside world, and spiders, bugs and all those creepy crawlies kept me busy since a young age. Then slowly it evolved to tarantulas. I guess I really like tarantulas because even though they all have 8 legs, and fangs, their behavior, color, ability to be terrestrial, or arboreal, and living requirements are all different depending on the species! Even down to a tarantulas INDIVIDUAL personality..kinda like a not properly defined algorithm!

But anyways, yeah that’s a little bit of intro a to tarantulas. Oh, i’ve been keeping tarantulas since I was 14, and I havn’t been bit before. (Not looking forward to a bite either thanks)