Sweet blue thang~

I’ve been wondering what tarantula to start you guys off with, so I guess I will start with Avicularia versicolor; she’s sweet, blue and full of poo. Poo? yeah they can shoot poo from their abdomen when they are scared. Usually aimed for the eye. Kinda funny when it happens. They remind me of those little poo toys you squish where a little brown plastic poo comes out. Kinda gross, yep.

I had this girl for awhile, I don’t have an adult version, ill see if I can get a picture of one later and show you : )

Right now she’s about 3″, she was born November 2010. What size was she? about the size of a dime, really cute and blue~ in her adult state she will get to be about 5″

Tarantulas Molt. Molting is when the tarantulas squeeze themselves out of their exoskeleton by (usually) flipping on their back, looking like dead spiders – but I assure you new/would be keepers, this is usually not the case, it’s just your tarantula growing.

When keeping this species of spiders, they prefer higher ventilation and humidity. Some people claim, that when they keep this species they tend to randomly die. Yeah tarantulas die, it happens, selective living in the world of life. In the wild not much of the tarantulas sack actually make it to adult hood, having a natural fallout of little spiders who die with a selective few who live. But in captivity, the survival rate is greatly increased, however weaker members still exist and sometimes just capout outta here when they can’t continue to live. The owner gets sad. It’s always sad to see a little life die.

Even with all these naturally weak spiders, there is always room for error on the owners part that can partake into the spider becoming deceased. Such as strong perfumes, too high or low temperatures, fe-breeze, pesticides in the soil of the container, or wood ornaments that you acquire outside (or at the gardening center). Great care must be taking in choosing soils, if you can’t find the stuff you usually use. Cedar oils, and pine oils, along with other oily trees can also serve as a pesticide, which kills your spider. Also, I would like to add, based on the forum post I read on-line, that the flea formula for dogs and cats can kill your spiders. Example: you pet the cat, who just got treatment within 3 months or so, you feed the spider by picking up the cricket, you contaminate cricket and spider. Spider death bed has arrived.

Anyways enough of this sad reminders of death. I will introduce you to Happy (yeah I don’t name my spiders, just naming them for the sake of the blog)

Taking a drink
Taking a drink

Happy in her home
Happy in her home
She molted!

She molted!

Now she has a new suite
New suit

Anyways, ill post more on miss Avicularia versicolor later!


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